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In 2016, climbing was included among the Olympic Summer Sports in Tokyo 2020.  More and more people practice it, for it is dynamic, interesting, and all-equalizing. It benefits the body, the mind and the spirit. And all the more the friendship.

You can practice it indoors, like in our climbing gym, in Sema Park Bucharest, assisted and taught by our trainers, and later on, you can try it outdoors, on real rocks.

Practiced regularly, it develops back and abdominal muscles, legs, fingers, shoulders and arms. Resistance to effort, endurance, muscle force, mobility and flexibility will develop. And because it requires good planning and analysis, in time your concentration, self-confidence and capacity to administrate difficult situations will increase.

Climbing has no age, and no gender. For children, climbing is not only a reason to have fun and a source of positive energy, a way of spending quality time, to bond and make friends, but also an efficient way of getting good physical condition, with remarkable effects on motivation, individually, and in a team.

Bouldering is very important to develop and perfect the ascent technique.

Data articol: March 7, 2018

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