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At Carpatic, your child will learn climbing from the best instructors specialized in working with children. Our club has the richest track record in Romania, training numerous national and European climbing champions over time.

The first entry is FREE, at the children’s climbing wall

Performance our tradition

Performance our tradition

The Carpatic climbing gym in Bucharest is renowned for training the country’s most valuable sports climbers. Over the years, numerous national, Balkan, and European champions in the children and junior categories have been trained here. If you’re looking for a place where your child can learn climbing techniques in an engaging and safe manner, you’re in the right place. Our team of accredited instructors and coaches offers the best climbing courses for children.

Your child's safety is our priority at Carpatic Gym

Your child’s safety is our priority at Carpatic Gym

The safety of your child is our number one priority at Carpatic Gym. We go above and beyond to ensure a safe and protected environment for all children participating in our climbing activities and courses. Our team of coaches are trained in the latest and most advanced safety techniques in climbing. They constantly monitor the equipment and materials used, making sure they are in perfect condition and comply with safety standards.

Quality Climbing Equipment for Kids at Carpatic Gym

Quality Climbing Equipment for Kids at Carpatic Gym

At Carpatic Gym, we understand the enthusiasm of new climbers and the desire to have the right equipment. However, there’s no need to immediately invest in your own gear. We offer the option to rent climbing equipment for children, ensuring you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience. When you’re ready to choose your own equipment, our team will guide you to the best options. Additionally, we take pride in our modern facilities and our wide range of equipment, which are always updated and comply with safety standards.

Extended Hours and Easy Access

Extended Hours and Easy Access

At Carpatic Gym, we adapt to your schedule. We’re open daily from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm, making sure your busy schedule doesn’t get in the way of your passion for climbing. Located centrally in Bucharest, our gym is easily accessible by metro, public transportation, or car. The Carpatic Climbing Gym is inside Sema Parc, just a 3-minute walk from the Petrache Poenaru Metro station. And for those who prefer to come by car, we offer a private, spacious, and video-monitored parking lot.

How is it in our gym?

Course rates for children

The prices include the instructor fee and the specific climbing equipment

1 Session
110 lei
4 Sessions/month

The 4-session course includes 2 sessions without an instructor and includes equipment.

390 lei
8 Sessions/month

The 8-session course grants unlimited access to the climbing gym, with included equipment, to practice your acquired skills.

590 lei
12 Sessions/month

The 12-session course grants unlimited access to the climbing gym, with included equipment, to practice your acquired skills.

680 lei

The first entry is FREE, at the children’s climbing wall

Central location

You can reach us easily, by car (you can find parking) or by metro. Romania, 6-Bucharest, 319A Splaiul Independenței 319A, inside Sema Park (Petrache Poenaru subway station)

The Benefits of Practicing Climbing for Children at the Carpatic Gym

Climbing is not just a physical sport, it’s also a mental challenge. At the Carpatic Gym, we’re all about helping kids discover the awesome advantages of this sport:


Diversity and Challenge: Climbing offers a variety of routes, each with its own set of challenges. Kids will never get bored because every route is unique and requires planning and strategy.

Total Body Workout: Climbing trains the whole body. It’s a great way to develop strength, balance, and coordination.

Mental Development: Besides the physical benefits, climbing improves concentration, emotional control, and problem-solving skills.

Confidence: Conquering a difficult route can boost a child’s self-confidence and have a positive impact on them.

Choosing climbing as a sport for your kid at Carpatic Climbing Gym can be one of the best decisions for their physical and mental development.

Frequent questions

1. What is the minimum age at which a child can come to climb?

The recommended age for sessions with an instructor is 6 years (+/- 1 year). For younger ones or for those who want to familiarize themselves with climbing on shorter walls, we have a special panel. Here, there’s no need for an instructor, allowing them to explore freely.

2. Is climbing safe for my child?

YES! At the Carpatic gym, we ensure that all safety standards are met, and the equipment and safety systems are constantly checked before use.

3. What equipment is needed for the first climbing session?

We provide the specific climbing equipment: climbing shoes, harness, and carabiners. You just need to come in sportswear: sneakers, tracksuit or shorts, t-shirt, blouse.

4. How long does a session with the instructor last?

A session with an instructor lasts approximately 90 minutes depending on age, predisposition to effort, or group size.

5. Under what conditions can a subscription with an instructor be suspended?

The subscription can be suspended by presenting a medical exemption. After returning, within 30 days, the remaining sessions can be recovered, setting the dates with the instructor.

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